Monday, December 30, 2013

Visit Malaysia Year 2014: English Version

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Good day to all :)

Well, this is actually a translated entry for my previous entry on VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2014. I just realized that some of my blog visitors may prefer to read the entry in English and perhaps the translator may not translate all my entry exactly as what have been written. I believe this is a good effort to please everyone to have a good time reading my entry here :)

Within 2 days we are going to enter year 2014. Well, 2014 is very significant to Malaysia as we are holding the VISIT MALAYSIA YEAR 2014 (VMY 2014)

In year 2007, Malaysia had also organized the VMY 2007 in conjunction with the celebration of 50th Year Independence Anniversary of the country. After 7 years, we are holding this event once again and I believe all tourism players have been fully-ready for this event.

As a citizen of such a harmony country, Malaysia, we should also be part of the team to ensure this VMY 2014 become a successful event. Not only successful in terms of the number of tourist coming to the country, but also succeed in the increase of tourism receipts and everything related to it.

As Malaysian, what should we do? How do we help the country to ensure this event succeed?
I listed here some ideas of what we can do to make VMY 2014 as a successful event for the country. 

1. Let us promote good things about our beloved Malaysia.
2. Let us ensure cleanliness in all aspects especially our public amenities.
3. Let us keep on smiling and show good attitude to the tourists.
4. Let us promote domestic tourism by travelling around the country, visiting islands and beaches and many more tourist attractions.

To all tourists coming to Malaysia, I would like to say, 'WELCOME TO MALAYSIA'

P/s: Apologize for any grammatical error in this entry.

May you have lot of sweet memories in Malaysia :)

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  1. Salam kenal cik nufa keep on writing coz JM akan terus support blog ni :-) i'm follow

    1. Salam kenal juga sis JM :) thanks for ur support. baru berjinak2 je ni sis.. hehe.. In shaa Allah will keep on writing.. Salam tahun baru :)


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