Monday, January 20, 2014

Picnic at Gunung Ledang, Johor: #1

Good day to all :)

Last Saturday, 18 January 2014, I went to Gunung Ledang in Sagil, Johor. Gunung Ledang or also known as Mount Ophir is located at the Ledang District in Johor for a picnic with my former schoolmates. Yeay!!! Lets go picnic all!!! We were having lot of fun that day :)

For more information about Gunung Ledang, you may click here or here :)

Actually, Gunung Ledang is divided into two (2) parts: (1) Gunung Ledang Resort [I went here last Saturday] and (2) Gunung Ledang National Park. For more information about Gunung Ledang National Park, please click here :)

It has been a long long long time since the last time I went to Gunung Ledang Resort. Hehe... I couldn't  even remember when was the last time I go there. Hehe... Usually me and my family would prefer to go to the National Park area because we get more privacy there. Hehe...

How to get here...

Gunung Ledang Resort is easily access from the North-South Expressway (NSE). From Kuala Lumpur or Johor Bahru, you may need to head to Tangkak Toll Exit and take a right turn towards Tangkak Town. As per map below. Hehe...

Source: Google Image

Since me and my friends (around 10-12 of us) are all from Segamat, so we don't need to take the NSE. Hehe.. If you are taking the NSE, Gunung Ledang Resort would be on your left side. While if you are coming from Segamat, the resort would be on your right side :)

Our journey took about 45 minutes from Segamat. Once you enter the area, there will charge for the parking fee as well as entrance fee (they counted per head. huhu...). The parking fee for 1 car is RM2.00, while for the entrance fee is RM1.00 per head. Once you park your vehicle, you may need to walk about 500 meter (or less) from the parking area to the waterfall area as the resort area (the resort parking area is for their guest only). Since we were not the guest there, what to do we have to walk from the parking area (outside the entrance gate to the resort area). I will show you the picture of where we park the car in my next entry. Hehe...

One of my friend was so lucky. He managed to get in and park his car nearby the waterfall area. It was because he told the guard that he brought all the foods, BBQ items and etc and wanted to drop all the items there. Huhu... But... He didn't park his car outside. Hehe...

Signage near the entrance

We arrived there quite early. Around 9.30 am we already there setting up our picnic area. hehe... Not so early since lot of people already enjoying themselves there. Hehe... 

So... We start our picnic activity with BBQ. Hehe... It took us some time to burn the charcoal. Huhu... No worry, we could still enjoyed yummy BBQ that day. Hehe...

Here is where we did our BBQ. Very nearby actually to our BBQ area . Hehe..

The water was sooo cold. The weather that day was quite nice, no rain but windy. Huhu... You could  even see the pakcik there in the picture sitting near the waterfall was doing his fishing activity. Hehe.. I'm not sure if he caught any fishes or not :)

A clean and cold waterfall :) Can still smell the freshness of the nature. Hehe...

I still got some more to write here. Hehe.. But will let you read this entry first and will continue later. Hehe...

Stay tuned!!!

Lets explore,


  1. First paragraph tu ingatkan Cik Nufa daki Gunung Ledang..ehh tapi berpicnic katanya..rupaya ada 2 part of Gunung LEedang...menarik jugak ni..dulu JM ke GL National Park..mendaki lerr heeee

    Mcm best ni lehh try nanti :-)

    1. hehe... ber picnic je sis JM. hehe... kalau tak silap, GL national park dgn GL resort manage by different party. pintu masuk pun lain2.. kalau dr arah segamat, ,jumpa kwsn resort dlu. kalau dr tangkak, jumpa national park dlu.. lbh kurg 1km (+-) ,jarak antara keduanya :)

      GL national park rasanya lbh byk xtvt blh buat. diorg pun ada pakej mcm2 kn. hehe..

      kalau dlu nak masuk GL national park kena redah kwsn kelapa sawit. now dh ada jln straight ke national park. so dh dkt sikit la nak masuk nya. hehe...takde la kena lalu ,jln tanah merah lg.. hehe..

      kalau sy, sy lbh prefer GL national park. lbh privacy.. kalau kwsn resort ni, ramai org. that day pn smpai around 9.30am pun dh ramai org.. makin ptg, makin ramai :)

      In shaa Allah bila2 ada ke national park, blh story mory dkt sini. hehe..

  2. Cik Nufa,
    Gunung Ledang ni dekat juga dgn kampung saya di Muar.. oopps Muo tu! Next time kalau CN ke sana boleh saya belanja mee bandung kalau kebetulan saya balik Muo... boleh belanja JM gak :)

    1. Fayreen.. ohh org muo ke? :) sama2 org joho la kt yer.. hehe.. in shaAllah, kalau berkesempatan nnt, apa salahnya.. hee :)


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