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Solo Trip: Discover Brunei #1

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Holla 2017! It has been a while since the last update on my trip. Well, I was suppose to share this first experience of my solo trip few months ago. Yet I was too busy, and not able to even write a draft. Hehe.. I am sorry for that. Hehe...

Since I haven't do any trip yet for this new year as I am planning for a special trip this year, so I will share this experience of mine first. 

Why so sudden I write this entry in English? Hehe... No specific reason, I guess. It just to make it 'international' entry. Hehe.. No la, just to allow readers from all over the world to easily read my experience here.

I hope you guys don't mind if I mix English and Malay in my entry :)

Well, lets start sharing my first ever international-solo trip. Though Brunei is not my first country I ever visited, yet Brunei is so special to me because I choose this country to as my first solo trip. I guess I am so lucky to be able to step foot in this calm & harmony country. 

I actually planned for this trip since early 2016, and I already booked return ticket for this trip for end of April 2016. Due to my leave has not been approved, so I have to postpone it until September 2016. So, officially this trip has been done in September 2016. Yeay! Finally I managed to make dream become reality. Alhamdulillah :)

DAY 01

Basically, this is a 4-day 3-night trip. I flew from KLIA2 on Friday, 16 September 2016 at 1.10pm and arrived at Brunei International Airport at 3.30pm. As soon as I arrived, driver from the hotel which I booked for my accommodation already waiting for me, and he also waiting for one couple from China who actually taking same flight with me from Kuala Lumpur. What a coincident. Hehe...

The driver suggest to me to buy Brunei telco prepaid number so that it will be easier for me to be online all the time. Hehe... So I bought one with the cost of BND10. You can get the prepaid number at the airport itself. 

Welcome to Negara Brunei Darussalam

The arrival hall. Here in Brunei they write the signage in Jawi (the yellow signage beside the word 'Arrival'). If you can see, just beside this arrival hall is where the telco shop (Progresif) located. I bought mine from here. Hee..

Once everyone ready, the driver took us to the hotel. I couldn't remember how long is the journey from airport to the hotel. Hee... is always my favorite hotel booking site, and for this trip I booked my accommodation also through this website. Why do I choose Booking.Com? Simply because most of the accommodation offer the payment term as 'Pay at the Hotel'. So I don't need to pay using any credit card, but you still need to key in your credit card details in case of no show or last minute cancellation.

For the 4D3N stay, I paid BND174, which this include breakfast. I can cut cost for my breakfast then. Hehe... I paid cash during check in. So, payment for accommodation settled! Hee..

As it was already 5.00pm+ after settling this and that, so I decided to buy some bread just for dinner on the first day. There is a bakery shop just few minutes walking from the hotel. For dinner on first day, it cost me only BND4.10.

Ohh ya, I forgot to mention the hotel's name. Hehe... Well, I choose to stay at LeGallery Suites Hotel. Further information about this hotel will be updated in my next entry.

Nothing much have been done on the first day. I just get myself familiar with the surrounding area, get more information about the attraction and have a good rest. Hehe..

I asked from the hotel's receptionist for a tourist brochure where I can refer to for the attractions. She gave me a brochure called 'Mini Guide to Brunei Darussalam'. I did make some research on the available attractions around Brunei and I found out about the Ulu Temburong National Park. Quite interesting for me as I am nature lover. Hee... Few weeks before this trip, I emailed inquiry to the hotel asking about their suggestion for my itinerary. They suggested to me for the Ulu Temburong trip, and it cost BND150. I didn't straightly book the tour through email since I need to do some calculation first. Hehe..

So, once I have checked in, I asked for more information about the Ulu Temburong Tour. The available trip is on Saturday, which is tomorrow (Day 02). After making few considerations, I decided to take the tour. The tour's driver will come and pick me up at the hotel at 7.00am. I have to get myself ready for the next day journey to their one and only National Park. I was quite excited actually because I do plan to visit their National Park though my first plan was to go for a city tour on the 2nd day. But it is ok. As long everything going smoothly. Hehe...

I summarize here my expenses for Day 01:

Progresif Simcard: BND10 
Hotel: BND174 
Bread (Dinner): BND4.10 
Ulu Temburong Tour: BND150

Total = BND338.10

That's the end for the Day 01. Excited and can't wait for the Day 02 trip? Hehe.. Stay tuned ya. Cik Nurul will try to update this trip soon, very soon. 

Till then... Lets explore more peeps!

Footnotes: Singapore Dollar is acceptable in Brunei. You can use both Singapore Dollar or Brunei Dollar.

Salam kembara,

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